Garage Door Cables Repair

Whatever went wrong with your garage door cables, repair Livonia MI technicians stand around the corner and can serve in no time. What do you need to do to have your cables repaired quickly and professionally? Just one call to our company.

At Centro Garage Door Service Co Livonia, we count many years in this business – hence, know everything about all types of cables. Whether we are talking about lifting cables with open loops or thimbles, for torsion or extension springs, the service is performed with the safety and excellence you expect from professionals. Yes, we do serve quickly. But we are also firm believers that the quality of the service matters the most. No wonder we assign services to techs trained and skilled at repairing and installing garage door cables with the safety and perfection required.

Garage Door Cables Repair Livonia

Experts in garage door cables repair Livonia services

Tell us if you need lifting garage door cables repair in Livonia, Michigan. Of course, you can turn to our team for the service, replacement, and repair of the emergency release and the safety cables too. But truth be told, most problems come with the lifting cables since they act as the helping hand of the springs to lift and lower the garage door.

We like to assure you that all techs sent to the field are experts in extension and torsion garage door cables. These are two different spring/cable systems. Any problem with the cable drums or the torsion spring will also affect the cables – and vice versa. Any problem with the tracks, the pulleys, or the extension springs will affect the cables – and vice versa. So, you see, it’s good to rely on experienced and properly trained techs. Isn’t it? And it takes a call to our company to get the ideal garage door repair Livonia MI tech for the job.

Did a cable snap? Did the cables come off? Call us now

Depend on our team for all cable services. If we are talking about broken garage door cables, replacement services are booked right away. If the cables are off, a tech swiftly comes to put them back – once they check to see what really made the cables come off in the first place – was it the pulleys, the springs, the drums? And so, the service is done correctly. You don’t face the same problem the following day. Plus, you don’t pay much or wait for long. So, if you are looking for solutions and like to make an inquiry or go ahead and book your Livonia garage door cables repair, give us a call.

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